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RMIT Architecture & Urban Design – Design Studio Pre-Ballot Event


Eleven Magazine – Tenderloin Competition

The Competition called for ideas for the Ternderlion District of San Fransisco The studio embrace ... Read more

End of Semester Exhibition

PLEASE SAVE THE DATE!  This semester the RMIT Architecture and Urban Design End of Semester E ... Read more

Tall Thin Towers

Tall thin towers are rapidly becoming a prevailing typology in the world’s most expensive cities, ... Read more

The New Sound of Music

If music is amped up, where and how should it be heard? And, what should the venue look like? ... Read more

Re-housing Malaysia

Rethinking the Malaysian Mass House Paradigm This studio will investigate a range of existing aff ... Read more

Future Ark

(F)Ark This studio will look at the clues to a future present within the existing urban environme ... Read more

Terraformer: Designing the House

Terraformer will focus on the design of the free standing house. The inspiration for this studio ... Read more

Pattern + Brush

The studio will examine the work of Daniel Libeskind and two selected architects as the basis for De ... Read more


Gene Flow is an evolutional mechanism involving the exchange of genes or characteristics between pop ... Read more


This studio looks at CIVIC ARCHITECTURE in a big town like BENDIGO. What is the difference betwee ... Read more

Inclusive City

When production started disappearing from European cities around the last decade of the 20th century ... Read more

Coodabeen Carlton

Within the new regime of Plan Melbourne, a series of sites are designated as ‘Expanded Central Cit ... Read more


This studio in a series exploring contested public spaces will focus on the local and the global. Th ... Read more

Composite Pavilion

This studio will explore the architectural possibilities and implications of fibre-composites throug ... Read more

The Lyon, the Foreshore and the Gallery

Students will be asked to complete, re-imagine and speculate on the Cultural Precinct in Geelong, it ... Read more

The Strange: Export

This is the third studio in The Strange series examining the uncertain futures of the ‘Pilbara Cit ... Read more


FORD has ceased operations at its Campbellfield site this year. This is a further sign of the long t ... Read more


This studio will introduce students to master planning a community scale project, design a decent ca ... Read more


The 100YC (Year City) project sets out to design an architectural future by envisaging ‘Accessible ... Read more

Liminal Creatures

How can we inhabit edges and margins between fixed systems? In nature, activity is concentrated a ... Read more

Dick Black

The studio ‘Dick Black’ continues a lineage of studios (Viv, Viv, Vivian! & NoHomo!) that ar ... Read more


Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; t ... Read more

The Strange – Welcome to Newman

When the Pilbara was developed in the 1960's, the Governents and the industries of the day tried to ... Read more

Plastic Futures

Plastic Futures was an installation that operated at the scale of a room environment, designed to fr ... Read more


The memorial historically has played an important role in the definition of ‘monumentality’ and ... Read more

A Place to Stand

For the Māori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Marae is space that provides a focus for e ... Read more

Not Suburban

The importance of Public Architecture We know what a city looks like. We know what the suburbs lo ... Read more

The New Real

The medium in which architecture operates is the material reality of the world.  Far from being a r ... Read more


A Meme is a uniquely identifiable unit of architecture: a structure, a form, a program and typology. ... Read more

MCR Practice Studio

McBride Charles Ryan (MCR) is offering a Master of Architecture Studio tutored by the directors and ... Read more

Malaysia Biennial 2015

The 100YC (Year City) project sets out to design an architectural future by envisaging ‘Accessible ... Read more

KL, City of Museums

Rethinking Kuala Lumpur around its Museums Within a 5km radius of Kuala Lumpur’s national Muziu ... Read more


The river, the bay, the existing fabric and a networks city of and, and, and...   Multipl ... Read more

Future Factory

As a futurist William Gibson travels to Japan to refresh his ‘sense of place.’ Why? Because h ... Read more


The announcement that FORD will cease operations at its Campbellfield site in 2015 is seen as furthe ... Read more


Cruise Ship Terminal at Yarra Street Pier, Geelong The 19th century Yarra Street Pier burnt down ... Read more


Outback Urbanism "Arid and semi-arid desert lands make up 70 per cent of mainland Australia – a ... Read more

Underground, Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City AKA Saigon is undergoing a major transformation and this includes the construction ... Read more

The Young & The Restless

Politics and Architecture ... Read more


The public places of the city are culturally contested, even if there seems to be a dominant Western ... Read more

Take Me To The River

This studio will explore the 4km winding stretch of Yarra River that forms the boundary of Abbotsfor ... Read more

No… I Am Spartacus

In his 1910 speech “Citizenship in a Republic,” Theodore Roosevelt expressed so perfectly the ta ... Read more

Cameron Newman


Graft extends on a lineage of studios exploring process based and generative approaches to design in ... Read more


The church historically has formed one of the most important and monumental structures within the c ... Read more


PROJECT – FORD WIDGET*FACTORY BROADMEADOWS* Widget (economics), a placeholder name for a manufactu ... Read more


This studio will investigate formal strategies to insert new spaces into the existing condition at S ... Read more

Victims of Inc

  Taking inspiration from the television programme ‘Tattoo Nightmare’, this studio will ... Read more


The site is located in Melbourne’s west, an area stretching between Brooklyn and Altona, tethering ... Read more

Swarm / Chunk / Object

The studio will explore the relationship between three strategies in the design of a major cultural ... Read more


The pressures of contemporary urban living, coupled with an increasing focus on health and well-bein ... Read more


This is the third in a series of studios run by the practice, in which we are exploring the Surreali ... Read more

Muzium Negara

RETHINKING MALAYSIA NATIONAL MUSEUM FROM THE MVS STUDIO Muzium Negara was opened in 1963, a proud ... Read more

Lest We Forget

This studio is about Life & Death, Monuments, Memory, Typology & Capital. This studio is abo ... Read more

Studio Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the second densest city in the world (6500/km2). We will develop strategies to understa ... Read more

Footscray Town

This studio will look at the centre of Footscray and consider opportunities for development and dens ... Read more


This studio will investigate the role and effects of ‘urban renewal’ applied to the rural town o ... Read more

Commission Of Audit

This studio is concerned with architecture that deals with un-easy adjacencies, improbable combinati ... Read more

Car / Park / Pool

This studio will engage with the current trend for public authorities to hand over the focus and def ... Read more

The Ass, The Fox and The Lion

The Ass, The Fox and The Lion design studio will embrace practicing ‘Noble’ Architecture in the ... Read more


An influx of global retailers into Australia continues. Companies such as Aldi and Costco are seekin ... Read more


'Wharfing' concerned with the spatial strategies that can be used to create new relationships, with ... Read more

Waterfronts, Barcelona

Barcelona’s coastline reveals its urban history. For any city around the world, waterfronts have ... Read more

Westbank, Melbourne

The Westbank urban design studio will focus on the urban growth area around the Footscray CBD and th ... Read more

Ben Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is Asia’s next global metropolis. As it rapidly adapts to intense pressures on a ... Read more


Arden - Macauley will be an entirely new suburb to the North of Melbourne’s CBD. It is one of the ... Read more

x-tremes Spacelab

The x_tremes studio is interested in exploring x_treme spatiality’s, with focus on new x_treme env ... Read more

Wonderstuff & Turbulence: The RMIT Building 36 Project

WONDERSTUFF & TURBULENCE: The RMIT Building 36 Project was a research-led design studio which ra ... Read more


In architecture and urbanism, versioning refers to an approach through which design is carried out u ... Read more

Cream Urban Kit-Bashing

Many people think that urban Australia is eye-sore after eye-sore - all concrete roof tiles and bill ... Read more

Town House – House Town

Town House – House Town will explore the potential of how commercial townhouses can save the commo ... Read more

Soft Shed

sacks, boxes; envelopes, programs; composition and constraint tools for composing architectural spac ... Read more


The cemetery A place for mourning A place for remembering A place for pausing A written ... Read more

Pillow Talk

A New Hotel for MONA Sex, Gender, Sensuality, Sexuality, Architecture ... Read more

New Centrality

Sunshine is in flux. An industrial suburb of the early 1900s, Sunshine is rapidly evolving from a su ... Read more

Jack’s Magazine

Public Works Jack’s Magazine is the largest gunpowder magazine ever built in Victoria. Twin blu ... Read more


Its about a relationship between Human and Animal, between Jail and the freedom, protection and the ... Read more

Chemical Petals

This studio will engage with the current trend for public authorities to hand over the focus and def ... Read more

Architecture of the Sun

Making Architecture from Solar Technology Icarus flew too close to the sun and melted the wax fro ... Read more

Amphibious Architecture

….site is a collection of scales, programmes, actors, and ecologies that includes past imprints as ... Read more


An influx of global retailers into Australia continues. Companies such as Aldi and Costco are seekin ... Read more

Vertical Campus

The scenario confronting an urban university like RMIT is rather like the question for the city in g ... Read more


University Meta-Architecture ... Read more

Town Brand

Henry’s Dream This is Henry Ford, the inventor of the mass production, branding genius and dabb ... Read more


Changing the Architecture of Educating. Over five years the Federal Government Stimulus Package B ... Read more


  Fishermen’s Bend will be an entirely new city adjacent to the Melbourne’s current CBD. ... Read more


Uganda Travel Studio _ ‘Omumashaka Wetlands’ is an interdisciplinary landscape architecture stud ... Read more

Hamilton Museum + Cultural Precinct

The Felix Museum is planned as a major cultural tourism destination, utilising the region’s unique ... Read more

Future Factory

Factory buildings anticipate and celebrate change. They have accommodated changes in technology from ... Read more