Footscray Town

Master of Architecture Design Studio, 2014

STUDIO LEADERs: Louisa Macleod, Nicola Garrod


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This studio will look at the centre of Footscray and consider opportunities for development and density Maribyrnong City’s Structure Plan for Footscray proposes development in the town centre of up to 25 stories.

Rejuvenation vs. Transformation

We will be proposing two projects: a small-scale, shop-top development (max. 3 stories) – rejuvenation; and a large-scale ‘tower’ development (max. 25 stories) – transformation.

We will explore the specific character of these project types, and what possibilities each can offer.

Consider: What is good about Footscray and how do we keep it that way; what’s missing; what’s needed; what makes a town centre; what makes a city; what can a tower contain; what does it take to create significant civic projects?