Master of Architecture Design Studio, 2015

STUDIO LEADERs: Danielle Peck, Helen Walter

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Cruise Ship Terminal at Yarra Street Pier, Geelong

The 19th century Yarra Street Pier burnt down in 1988 and the Geelong Council want to redevelop it as an international cruise ship terminal.

This studio will explore the rich potential of the infrastructural sized brief of a Cruise Ship Terminal   as well as investigating architectural and urban design questions that will allow students to develop an alternative proposal for the site.

What about the 300+ days a year when there is no cruise ship berthed?

There is inherent cultural importance and city-shaping potential of infrastructure-scaled development and this studio will seek to develop a mixed use project that explores architecture’s relationship with water and the history and architecture of waterfronts.

Why are so many waterfronts awful?

Students will be developing a decisive architectural response to the scale of a cruise ship, and indeed a large bay. While the project has urban consequences, students will be encouraged to explore speculative architectural outcomes that challenge both the waterfront typology and the city of Geelong’s future vision.