Master of Architecture Design Studio, 2015

STUDIO LEADERs: Carey Lyon, Sam Hunter, Adam Pustola


Tags Adam PustolaBioCarey LyonLyonsMasters Design StudioSam Hunter

This studio in a series exploring contested public spaces will focus on the local and the global. The Australian city has been made by successive streams of cultural migration. Each preceding group, and their urban culture, becomes and the local and each following stream is considered as global and foreign. The cycle continues with cultures being continually assimilated and contested, creating the multicultural city. Currently the ideas of foreign ownership of property and capital and an increasing (We Contest) local parochialism create new challenges for creating a diverse, inclusive and sustainable urbanity. The studio will explore the City of Dandenong, itself already a vibrant satellite city, as the site for multiculturalism in architecture and urban design. It is a place where successive ideas of the local continue to hybridise, overlap and collage with the global.