Cream Urban Kit-Bashing

Master of Architecture Design Studio, 2014

STUDIO LEADERS: Monique Brady Ward, Angela Woda


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Many people think that urban Australia is eye-sore after eye-sore – all concrete roof tiles and bill boards; so what? They don’t know the Australia we know.

Our local built landscape is dripping with repeated iconic features. The application of multivariate styles to the broad swathe of (particularly) post war developments on the edges of Australian cities was identified by Boyd as a focus that was less concerned with a holistic quality and more on the applied aesthetics.

Australian featurism is pillared by a satisfied culture of alteration, adaptation and substitution. These characteristics are the foundation of an Australian Attitude, wielded by the imposed conditions in which one had to build. Coming from any Australian city, there’s a tradition of using what you have, blatantly stealing what you don’t and turning the latter into a hallmark.

The studio will focus on testing the architectural consequences and programmatic opportunities of a new civic programs that address the need for an increased capacity of health care in conjunction with the new pedagogical spaces, on a site in the CBD. This will be investigated through the lens of the mash-up and the process of kit-bashing.

Who are these people who have a problem with Australia?

Maybe they’re just mad they don’t live here.