Master of Architecture Design Studio, 2014

STUDIO LEADER: Leanne zilka


Tags Aliff AimanBioElliott WebbHui Wei ChenJosh WilsonLeanne ZilkaMasters Design Studio

‘Wharfing’ concerned with the spatial strategies that can be used to create new relationships, with existing conditions. Focusing on how a set of  a set techniques, operations, strategies can give us new possibilities within an existing framework.

The studio looked at north wharf shed 2 at the Docklands in Melbourne, Victoria. It’s one of the last undeveloped spaces at the over developed Docklands precinct and there is much discussion around what sort of public space could work at the end of an under utilised wharf. The site is unique because it has views of the Bolte Bridge, the Southern Star and back towards the city but it also has the old industrial storage sheds, control tower and structures of the past functions of a working wharf.