Master of Architecture Design Studio, 2014



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In architecture and urbanism, versioning refers to an approach through which design is carried out using rule based techniques through an open ended or evolutionary process. Design outcomes are understood as one of a series of potential solutions, with authorship applied through the act of selection, or embedded in the rules that structure the process. This process can be applied to an abstract form or begin to sample and edit existing buildings and urban artefacts.

The studio will explore generative techniques through the design of a mixed use tower in Melbourne’s inner west. Students will be expected to develop their own suite of processes, and formulate a critical position on the studio themes, including the use of precedent in the design process, and the role of open ended design in the urban field.

More broadly, the studio will attempt to challenge the typology of the point tower in Melbourne and speculate on new possibilities that attempt to extend the extremely limited range of spatial possibilities currently available.