The Lyon, the Foreshore and the Gallery

Master of Architecture Design Studio, 2015

STUDIO LEADER: Danielle Peck


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Students will be asked to complete, re-imagine and speculate on the Cultural Precinct in Geelong, its city shaping potentials and articulated spaces.

The urban condition raises recurring as well as fresh challenges for every generation. And as the City of Geelong hangs in the balance as its industrial purpose wanes and capitalist consumerism threatens, how will it fare?

The studio looks to define the heart of the rapidly changing city in the cultural precinct and asks students to distill their own ideology and imagination into the lifeblood of Geelong.

Students are encouraged to think about their work as ‘neither fantasy nor blueprint’ but a reflection of society in which they are imagined, and to produce works that have a powerful influence on public consciousness.

PROJECT 1, we will redefine, speculate and create a Cultural Precinct Masterplan of im/possibilities,

PROJECT 2, the precinct will be populated and a narrative developed to assist in the implementation of individual students ideals and architectural response.