Master of Architecture Design Studio, 2014

STUDIO LEADER: Jerome Frumar


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The pressures of contemporary urban living, coupled with an increasing focus on health and well-being, has meant rising demand for wellness-related holidays and getaways. This Masters design studio provides an opportunity to develop architectural concepts and ideas for a new retreat centre to be located in the Gold Coast hinterland, Queensland.

Retreat invites you to conceive a nurturing and tranquil built environment that harmoniously engages with its stunning natural setting. The departure point for this studio is a real-world project consisting of a health and well-being centre initially aiming to cater for forty guests. You will be required to undertake precedent and background research before developing an overall master plan for the chosen site. Subsequently, you will be asked to focus on and detail one particular building type (ranging from short-stay cabins to therapy rooms, pools & spa, multi-purpose spaces and kitchen/dining/social areas. A series of digital and materially based form finding methods will be introduced to support the organisation of space and the generation of buildable form.

Aims & Outcomes

This studio aims to give you an opportunity to gain expertise in designing complexes that promote health and well-being. Architectural outcomes will entail a master plan for the complex and a highly developed and refined building design answering the client brief. It is envisaged that design proposals will incorporate environmentally sensitive design, complex structural forms and appropriate use of materials. There will be a strong emphasis on physical modelling and corresponding digital simulation as a means to rationalise design ideas.