Master of Architecture Design Studio, 2014



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This is the third in a series of studios run by the practice, in which we are exploring the Surrealist technique of the ‘exquisite corpse’ as a design method. In this semester we will continue to expand upon the format of the previous semesters, with a layered brief that will require the consideration and incorporation of a number of typologies that can be grouped under the label ‘house’

Our site is in the inner ring of Melbourne suburbs, in a parkland setting but also captive to the expectations of establishment Melbourne. It is highly likely that ou design speculations on this site will be unwelcome.

The technique of the studio, while fundamentally a drawn investigation, will also involve making, in the form of models and other spatial forms of representation. Students will also be required to be an active participant in certain cultural activities in Melbourne that we regard as beneficial to your education. You will need to observe, to draw, to write, and above all, to think.

Work will be undertaken individually, but students should understand that group work is intrinsic to the design method of the studio. In this studio you can expect to consider such questions as :

Whose front yard is it anyway?

As architects what is our front yard?

Is the old worth keeping?

Can we do anything better anyway?