Hamilton Museum + Cultural Precinct

Master of Architecture Design Studio, 2013

STUDIO LEADERS: Jan van Schaik, Charles Anderson


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The Felix Museum is planned as a major cultural tourism destination, utilising the region’s unique cultural and environmental legacy to drive the revitalization of the local economy.

While it will fulfill important display functions, it will also be a net generator of cultural production and associated business. It will have an architectural footprint but will also provide the blueprint and program of the proposed Hamilton Cultural Precinct. It will be an innovative response to the challenge of integrating cultural heritage services, cultural production opportunities and sustainable public planning.

The Felix Museum will redefine what is meant by ‘museum’, reconnecting remembering to imagination and invention. Its commitment to the principle that ‘places are made after their stories’ means that its example will also redefine the ‘precinct’ as a concentration of story lines radiating through the region. “ Excerpt from Hamilton Felix Museum Brief by Paul Carter.

Having accepted, and been energised by, the brief from which this excerpt is taken, the Felix Museum’s steering committee has invited the RMIT School of Architecture and Design’s masters students to speculate on how this brief may be manifest, the results of which will be documented in a publication and a public exhibition in Hamilton at which final presentations will be conducted.

This studio offers intimate access to a vibrant client group engaged in a real project.