COOEE the Desert calls

Master of Architecture Design Studio, 2015



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Outback Urbanism

“Arid and semi-arid desert lands make up 70 per cent of mainland Australia – a total of about 5.3 million square kilometres”, and though, Australia’s desert landscapes, regarded as the ‘outback’ of Australia, are a powerful symbol of place, and have inspired and helped define Australia’s identity”, FIFO (fly in fly out), has been preferenced to exploit and develop our red centre to the exclusion of the development of its outback towns…the cusp of change beckons……

COOEE will develop typologies for Outback Urbanism sited in or in the vicinity of Alice Springs Students working in groups of three or more will draw on our rich outback heritage including, Aboriginal Desert Cultures, our exploration history, outback literature and art, its fauna flora and investigate historic and contemporary arid urban types like Masdar, to develop models for Australian Arid Architecture and Urbanism.