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A Palace for Jack: Hang Jiang Graduating project

A Palace for Jack proposed a new cultural complex across the colonial munitions store known as Jack‚ ... Read more

dododododo… Philip Chang Graduating Project

What is a dodo? Is it an extinct flightless bird? A doubling of the word do? Or a strange i ... Read more


NABUCCO continues the assault on Jack’s Magazine, a colonial gunpowder storage facility along the ... Read more


DEVOTION continues a lineage of studios (Viv, Viv, Vivian!, NoHomo!, Dick Black, SCUM & Fucking ... Read more


History has a habit of repeating itself, such is the cliche. Perhaps then this studio will be no dif ... Read more


SCUM continues a lineage of studios (Viv, Viv, Vivian!, NoHomo! & Dick Black!) that are framed b ... Read more

Design for Vision: Prototyping the Future of the Vision Australia Workplace

LINK TO REPORT Design for Vision is a research project investigating the future workplace environ ... Read more

Iloura : Design Techniques Public Lecture Series

With a background in design and traditional 2D animation, Glenn has refined his skills over the last ... Read more

Art of Many : Five Agendas for a Future Danish Architecture


Public Lecture: Russell Loveridge

Russell Loveridge is Managing Director of the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) ... Read more

Urbanism: History & Theory Lecture Series

Conrad Hamann will deliver six lectures introducing the key ideas, precedents and theoretical discou ... Read more

Haven’t you always wanted…? : 2016 NGV Architecture Commission by M@ STUDIO Architects

Haven’t you always wanted to run through all that foam at the car lovers? Would you do it if there ... Read more

If only…

¬†‚ÄėIf only‚Ķ‚Äô is a collaboration between the RMIT Centre for Game Design Research, M@ STUDIO Ar ... Read more

The end of the line

The thesis proposes there being a symbiotic relationship between the developing suburban centres and ... Read more

Compost facility Fawkner

The Death Issue The opening passage of A Death In The Family, by Norwegian writer, Karl Ove Knausga ... Read more

Two Sisters

The Interpretive Visitor's Centre tells the story of the Victorian Volcanic Plains, of the Western G ... Read more

Eleven Magazine – Tenderloin Competition

The Competition called for ideas for the Ternderlion District of San Fransisco The studio embrace ... Read more

Weather underground

The project used Melbourne University’s heritage noted  car park as a site for architectural spec ... Read more

RMIT University Mace

RMIT University Mace on ... Read more

Tall Thin Towers

Tall thin towers are rapidly becoming a prevailing typology in the world’s most expensive cities, ... Read more

The New Sound of Music

If music is amped up, where and how should it be heard? And, what should the venue look like? ... Read more

Re-housing Malaysia

Rethinking the Malaysian Mass House Paradigm This studio will investigate a range of existing aff ... Read more

Future Ark

(F)Ark This studio will look at the clues to a future present within the existing urban environme ... Read more

Terraformer: Designing the House

Terraformer will focus on the design of the free standing house. The inspiration for this studio ... Read more

Pattern + Brush

The studio will examine the work of Daniel Libeskind and two selected architects as the basis for De ... Read more


Gene Flow is an evolutional mechanism involving the exchange of genes or characteristics between pop ... Read more


This studio looks at CIVIC ARCHITECTURE in a big town like BENDIGO. What is the difference betwee ... Read more

Inclusive City

When production started disappearing from European cities around the last decade of the 20th century ... Read more

Coodabeen Carlton

Within the new regime of Plan Melbourne, a series of sites are designated as ‚ÄėExpanded Central Cit ... Read more


This studio in a series exploring contested public spaces will focus on the local and the global. Th ... Read more

Composite Pavilion

This studio will explore the architectural possibilities and implications of fibre-composites throug ... Read more

The Lyon, the Foreshore and the Gallery

Students will be asked to complete, re-imagine and speculate on the Cultural Precinct in Geelong, it ... Read more

The Strange: Export

This is the third studio in The Strange series examining the uncertain futures of the ‚ÄėPilbara Cit ... Read more


FORD has ceased operations at its Campbellfield site this year. This is a further sign of the long t ... Read more


This studio will introduce students to master planning a community scale project, design a decent ca ... Read more


The 100YC (Year City) project sets out to design an architectural future by envisaging ‚ÄėAccessible ... Read more

Liminal Creatures

How can we inhabit edges and margins between fixed systems? In nature, activity is concentrated a ... Read more

Dick Black

The studio ‚ÄėDick Black‚Äô continues a lineage of studios (Viv, Viv, Vivian! & NoHomo!) that ar ... Read more


Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; t ... Read more

PEGS Senior School

Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School’s senior school building, the Infinity Centre, is a new facil ... Read more

Museum of Old and New Art (MONA)

Located on a peninsula on the banks of Derwent River in Tasmania, The Museum of Old and New Art (MON ... Read more

Jim Stynes Bridge

The Jim Stynes Bridge swings out across the Yarra River and under the Charles Grimes Bridge, providi ... Read more

Melbourne School of Design

OCULUS Australia was engaged to design the ground plane and roof top spaces for the University of Me ... Read more

Franklin Wharf

Franklin Wharf is uniquely placed within Sullivan’s Cove and in many ways, is Hobart’s great urb ... Read more

Arts and Recreation Centre for the Blind Amy Evans Graduating Project

This project is an Arts and Recreation Centre for Blind and Vision impaired individuals. The site fo ... Read more

Discourse Series 2015

RMIT Architecture & Urban Design values ideas-led venturous design experimentation and explorat ... Read more

Mobile Landscapes

This book includes design investigations and research on the implications for towns on the Murray Ri ... Read more


An exploration of the architectural relationship to the inhabited and natural landscape. Charting a ... Read more

The Architecture of Neil Clerehan

Neil Clerehan is widely regarded as one of the most significant architects of Melbourne's post-war p ... Read more

Times Two Architects

Times Two Architects was founded by Michelle and Richard Black in 2006. The practice explores overla ... Read more

Kerstin Thompson Architects

Kerstin Thompson Architects (KTA) was established in 1994 by Kerstin Thompson. The work of the pr ... Read more

McBride Charles Ryan

At MCR, we have one passion - providing exceptional design for our clients. Our commitment to pro ... Read more


The studio is prefaced by the phrase ‚Äėno homo‚Äô. The term relieves an accused of any suggestion o ... Read more

Mongrel Rapture Chapter

“ARM has no tolerance for architecture that is mute, that has no stories to tell. It is a critical ... Read more

Thought By Hand

This is the first book published by Flores & Prats, an architecture studio founded in 1998 in Ba ... Read more

Cities of Hope Book Chapter

"The insightfully choreographed selection of tasks and working adjacencies in the studio avoids the ... Read more

PMA Monograph Interview

"Vivian Mitsogianni: There are two statements from your founding editorial for Transition in 1992, w ... Read more

Sala Beckett

The project occupies a former worker's club "Pau i Justícia", a deeply rooted space in the memory o ... Read more

Fabra & Coats Gardens

This is a commission by the Municipality of Barcelona, in order to design some of the vacant plots i ... Read more

111 Building for Social Housing

The Building 111 is a Social Housing project at the edge of Barcelona city. This project proposes no ... Read more

Nicaragua Square

The Nicaragua square is at the end of a pedestrian street, a Rambla. In continuity with this walk th ... Read more

Mills Museum and Surrounding Public Spaces

The Jonquet is an old sailor’s neighbourhood in the city of Palma. The XVII century flour windmill ... Read more

Meeting at the Building

In 2013, the School of Architecture of the Royal Danish Academy, invited our studio to organize an e ... Read more

Casal Balaguer Cultural Centre

Casal Balaguer is a palace in the historic center of Palma, a flood over the centuries family home, ... Read more

Pius XII Square

The project eliminates a street that used to cross right in front of the collective housing building ... Read more

Sun Shades for Microsoft Milan

This pergola and the landscape design around them are an attempt to search an establish connections ... Read more

YUTE’S Textile Warehouse

The YUTE’S project is an extension of an existing textile warehouse, in an industrial zone close t ... Read more

World Architecture Workshop

The World Architecture Workshop was a ten year studio collaboration between RMIT University, Tohoku ... Read more


The ADAPT-r ITN ‚Äď Architecture, Design and Art Practice Training-research ‚Äď aims to si ... Read more

Aarhus Housing

TERROIR's successful partnership with CUBO Arkitekter was recognised in a competition win for a new ... Read more

ONE prize: for design & science

Gretchen Wilkins’ entry for the ONE Prize international design competition was shortlisted from a ... Read more

5th Studio Architecture and Urbanism

5th Studio is a unique spatial design agency, working across the fields of architecture, urban desig ... Read more

OCULUS Landscape Architecture and Urban Design

Distributed Urbanism: Cities after Google Earth

What form of housing will emerge in Dubai, where the majority of the population are non-citizens and ... Read more

Practice Research Placements

The Practice Research Placements Elective was launched in semester 1 of 2014. The Elective provides ... Read more

Gretchen Wilkins’ entry shortlisted for the ONE Prize

Gretchen Wilkins’ entry for the ONE Prize international design competition was shortlisted from a ... Read more


‚Äúwe practice architecture a little bit differently‚Ķ‚ÄĚ A design, make and research studio. ... Read more

Porte Cochere

This project, a collaboration between Simon Whibley Architecture, artist Bridie Lunney, Platform Con ... Read more

Stacked Vacationer

This project investigates the use of the shipping container in the design of a holiday house on a pr ... Read more

Diagonal House

In an inner urban setting, it is not always wise to rely on aspect when conceiving of a design. In t ... Read more


The Highway studio explored the negotiation of excess and necessity. The studio engaged algorithmic ... Read more

The Strange – Welcome to Newman

When the Pilbara was developed in the 1960's, the Governents and the industries of the day tried to ... Read more

Architectural Animality ‚Äď drawings out for a walk

‚ÄúIn play, the human enters a zone of indiscernibility with the animal. When we humans say ‚Äėthis ... Read more

Eroding the Edge

Eroding the Edge was a speculative project prepared in response to an call for proposals demonstra ... Read more

Practical Poetics in Architecture

Integrate poetics into real-world spaces by bringing theory downto earth Practical Poetics in Arc ... Read more

Pavilions, Pop Ups & Parasols

Around the world, a new architectural form is emerging. In public places a progressive architect ... Read more

Plastic Futures

Plastic Futures was an installation that operated at the scale of a room environment, designed to fr ... Read more

between you and it

This poster/installation piece used image, text and sculptural elements to suggest a deeply intertwi ... Read more


The memorial historically has played an important role in the definition of ‚Äėmonumentality‚Äô and ... Read more

A Place to Stand

For the MńĀori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Marae is space that provides a focus for e ... Read more

Not Suburban

The importance of Public Architecture We know what a city looks like. We know what the suburbs lo ... Read more