NOHOMO!  Architecture in the Realm of the Unreal

Bachelor of Architectural Design Studio, 2015

STUDIO LEADER: michael spooner

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The studio is prefaced by the phrase ‘no homo’. The term relieves an accused of any suggestion of homosexual tendencies, whilst permitting homosocial activities to occur. It is both a contemptible claim to an outward heteronormativity and an inward expression of same sex empathy. What is of interest to the studio is not the suggestion of suitability or inappropriateness of such a term but how the problematizing of the threshold between inside and outside as such contributes new insights into the production of space and the implications this problematizing has for new architectures.

Such a space constitutes a site of social enterprise that cannot be formally recognised due to its often hermetic production and the prejudiced economies of the world.There has been an extraordinary examination of the thresholds – social, culture and economic – that constitutes the production inside and outside of the quiddity of this space. Attempts to describe it reflect on the other, abjection and campness. But it is also by these same mechanisms with which any examination of this space is itself subverted and appropriated. Consequently this space is contingent and thus the mechanisms by which to engage with it can only ever be improvised.

The studio confronts how the practice of improvisation and its associated instruments of production could be tasked with elucidating the difficult plurality of concerns that tentatively outline this space whilst countering homogeneity.

The studio intends to develop a convent for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a world-wide order of drag artists that, parodying judeo-christian institutional structures and imagery, publically raise awareness of gender and sexual intolerance whilst in the guise of nuns.

The site will consist of the horizon, and only the horizon.

Students: Anya Lee, Jarrod Malbon, Kendra Reid, Kim Mudie, Pan Sun, Zhao Fei, Vivian Lim, Zul Abdul, Hamsha Hussain, Holly Zhang, Jan See Oi, Kathy Then & Joel Lok.

Final Review was conceived as a shared event between the studio No Homo! led by Dr Michael Spooner (RMIT University) and Travesties led by Peter Knight (Workshop Architects) & David Issacs (MvS Architects)

The review was presented as a one-night-only exhibition with catalogue by Travesties and Chanel party bags by No Homo!

Prize Winners
The Gwendolen Award for Most Earnest in Show, Travesties: Tess O’Meara

The Cecily Award for Importance in Show, Travesties: Georgia Eade

The Utagawa Kunisada Award for Most Awesome Kabuki Moves, No Homo!: Anya Lee

The Paul van Herk Lemon Meringue Memorial Pies Award, No Homo!: Jan See Oi

The Iced VoVo 100th Year Peer Review Award, No Homo!: Anya Lee