Michael Spooner

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A Palace for Jack: Hang Jiang Graduating project

A Palace for Jack proposed a new cultural complex across the colonial munitions store known as Jackâ ... Read more

dododododo… Philip Chang Graduating Project

What is a dodo? Is it an extinct flightless bird? A doubling of the word do? Or a strange i ... Read more


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Edmond & Corrigan + Peter Corrigan INFLUENCE: RUNNING ORDER


Edmond & Corrigan + Peter Corrigan INFLUENCE: PRESENTATION ABSTRACTS


Edmond & Corrigan + Peter Corrigan INFLUENCE

RMIT Architecture & Urban Design invites you to a FREE EVENT: INFLUENCE: EDMOND & CORRIG ... Read more

INFLUENCE: Edmond & Corrigan + Professor Peter Corrigan

INFLUENCE: Edmond & Corrigan + Professor Peter Corrigan Dear colleagues and friends, RMIT Ar ... Read more

The Agency of Form

Formula, formulaic, formation, formidable, formalism, formalist, formalise, formant, formative, form ... Read more

Dick Black

The studio ‘Dick Black’ continues a lineage of studios (Viv, Viv, Vivian! & NoHomo!) that ar ... Read more

Discourse Series 2015

RMIT Architecture & Urban Design values ideas-led venturous design experimentation and explorat ... Read more


The studio is prefaced by the phrase ‘no homo’. The term relieves an accused of any suggestion o ... Read more

Dr Michael Spooner

Lecturer First Year Foundation Semester Course Coordinator Architecture Portfolio & Communicat ... Read more

Viv, Viv, Vivian!

Viv, Viv, Vivian! Architecture in the Realm of the Unreal considers the paradoxical situating of ‘ ... Read more

A Clinic for the Exhausted

A Clinic for the Exhausted commences from a vision of a landmark Australian architectural icon, RMIT ... Read more

Maribyrnong Billabong

We were moved to address an outpost of the city of Melbourne, Australia. An attempt was made to t ... Read more

Fair Go Land Bahman Andalib Graduating Project

FAIR GO LAND is realised on the historical site of the free speech movement in the egalitarian commu ... Read more

Chronicle of the World

Chronicle of the World developed, extended and renovated the tip of the North Wharf in Docklands, Me ... Read more

The Small House

A Small House  does not forget the gazebo, nor the boathouse, or for that matter the Chinese bridge ... Read more

Frederick Romberg (1913-1992): an architectural survey

Frederick Romberg: an architecture survey is a collaborative interdisciplinary project that has appr ... Read more

The Northern Hood David Issacs Graduating Project

The Northern Hood does three things for the Melbourne suburb of Northcote: it rescales the idea of t ... Read more

Vera Raquel dos Santos

Lunacy and the Arrangements of Books #2

Lunacy and the Arrangement of Books derived its title from a small publication which explores the va ... Read more

The School of Objects at RMIT University Katherine Brice Graduating Project

This project is for the newly formed School of Objects at RMIT. From 2012 the RMIT School of Art wil ... Read more

Victoria Farmer’s Hall of Fame and an Indigenous Harvest Pavilion Jo-Han Seah Graduating Project

This project speaks of honoring the farmer and agricultural groups, paying tribute to Australia’s ... Read more

Backyard Shinanigans Adrian Rivalland Graduating Project

This project for the redevelopment of Silverton Primary investigates a communal backyard, a space th ... Read more

The Black Diamond Brett Wittingslow Graduating Project

The township of Korumburra, located in southeast Victoria, is an endeavour by its people. Dating fro ... Read more

A Clinic for the Exhausted Michael Spooner Graduating Project

Jury Citation A scheme that at first seemed too unlikely, indulgent and nutty to carry the mantle ... Read more