Viv, Viv, Vivian!

Bachelor of Architectural Design Studio, 2014

Studio Leader: Michael Spooner

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Viv, Viv, Vivian! Architecture in the Realm of the Unreal considers the paradoxical situating of ‘outsider art’ as a condition of an interior that is not literal but conceptual with the intention of developing a residence, gallery and artist studio. What is of interest to the studio is not the fetishization of the art or the artists, but rather how the problematizing of the threshold between inside and outside ‘as such’ contributes new insights into the production of a conceptual interior and the implications this has for new architectures.

Students: Nash Weerasekera, Glory Kamthunzi, Georgia Eade, Jaime Levin, Shakila Martin, Laura Bailey, Liam Oxlade, Marnie Newton, Edmund Olowo, Mary Spyropoulos, Ben Sy & Gilli Marquez Musso.