Museum of Science Fiction: Cinematic Affects

Graduating Project: Michael Ferreyra

Supervisor: Roland Snooks

Nominated for Australian Institute of Architects Joint Industry Graduate Prize for Excellence

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‘Museum of Science fiction and cinematic affects’ explores the possibilities of realising a speculative architecture that embodies cinematic affects within the context of Melbourne, through the act of designing the image and drawing from the potential source of the Science fiction genre. Both architecture and science fiction unlock a glimpse into a potential future as a way to question the normative condition and solve present day dilemmas. The influential feedback between science fiction and architecture has long existed, such examples go as far back as Fritz Langs 1927 film Metropolis, draws on contemporary art deco and modernist building precedents. On the contrary an example would be OMA’s ‘death star’ resemblance to science fiction iconography.

The resultant imagery has overlapping narratives explored throughout the semester such as solitude, utopia, dystopia, altered reality, over population, artificial intelligence, alien, exploration etc. Cinematic techniques used vary from setting the camera in a subjective manner, a play on Stanley Kubrick’s one-point perspective technique. The perspective of the character in the image helps evoke emotions being affected by the architecture ranging from awe and wonderment, to anxiety, the sense of the familiar/strange. The project draws from the logic of surface to strand morphologies where vector lines interweave embellished patterns of flows to create surface envelope geometries. These geometries are adaptable in terms of allowing continuous gradients of structure, aperture/porosity, strand, and surface articulation: sometimes becoming ornament, structure, building, and urban conditions.