AIA Graduate Prize for Excellence

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AIA Graduate Prize for Excellence

The Northern Hood David Issacs Graduating Project

The Northern Hood does three things for the Melbourne suburb of Northcote: it rescales the idea of t ... Read more

Lucasta Clothier-Fairs

Between the Waters Lucasta Clothier-Fairs Graduating Project

In a policy environment based on intractable conflict between conservation and irrigation within the ... Read more

Museum of Science Fiction: Cinematic Affects Michael Ferreyra Graduating Project

‘Museum of Science fiction and cinematic affects’ explores the possibilities of realising a spec ... Read more

Daniel Whelan

Cossack Mining Town Daniel Whelan Graduating Project

The recent mining boom & the culture it has given rise to has been the cause of a number of issu ... Read more

Floating Cities Alan Lau Te Hong Graduating Project

The floating city is a temporary mobile float-in communal facility to help facilitate suburbs along ... Read more

Lisa Mee

Just Flinders Lise Mee Graduating Project

Just Flinders is a title used both ambiguously and serendipitously. The word just has several meani ... Read more

The Speculative Harbour Project Georgina Karavasil Graduating Project

How can we experiment and explore new ways in which processed based architecture can allow us to cre ... Read more