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Graduating Projects tag description goes here – testing how it looks on the statement page. This should be about 200 words of text I imagine, and used to set the agenda of the school, frame ‘what it is we do’ and cluster projects and people around a specific theme. In this case we would be discussing rmit major project.,

Graduating Project

A Palace for Jack: Hang Jiang Graduating project

A Palace for Jack proposed a new cultural complex across the colonial munitions store known as Jack‚ ... Read more

dododododo… Philip Chang Graduating Project

What is a dodo? Is it an extinct flightless bird? A doubling of the word do? Or a strange i ... Read more

The end of the line

The thesis proposes there being a symbiotic relationship between the developing suburban centres and ... Read more

End of Semester Exhibition

PLEASE SAVE THE DATE!  This semester the RMIT Architecture and Urban Design End of Semester E ... Read more

Arts and Recreation Centre for the Blind Amy Evans Graduating Project

This project is an Arts and Recreation Centre for Blind and Vision impaired individuals. The site fo ... Read more

Alexandra Station Todd de Hoog Graduating Project

The project expands on the proposed EastWestLink road tunnel to accommodate a new train line and the ... Read more

The Spatial Field Vicky Karavasil Graduating Project

This major project explores an architecture established and evolved through a procedural based explo ... Read more

Some DIY Civic Jisms Paul van Herk Graduating Project

‚ÄėSome DIY Civic Jisms‚Äô aims to describe and enact myths of creative renewal in order to find fre ... Read more

Flagstaff Hill Ryan Robertson Graduating Project

Flagstaff Hill / Flagstaff Hill critiques the contemporary relevance of the ' living history' museum ... Read more

Remember The Future Kristina Levenko Graduating Project

So what is my building? On the one hand it is an extension to the existing government building. It p ... Read more

Fast Forward Urbanism Jas Johnston Graduating Project

Healthy urban qualities are rarely associated with high-rise towers, yet expanding vertically is vit ... Read more

Defence Commons David Wegman Graduating Project

Defence Commons is a polemical speculation on the future of the Defence Force, Process Experimentati ... Read more

In Search of A Suburban Domain Nicholas Stathopoulos Graduating Project

In Search of a Suburban Domain is a hypothesis on an evolving social crisis in Melbourne’s middle ... Read more

Fair Go Land Bahman Andalib Graduating Project

FAIR GO LAND is realised on the historical site of the free speech movement in the egalitarian commu ... Read more

Lance van Maanen

A Tale of Two Sheds Lance van Maanen Graduating Project

A Tale of Two Sheds is a speculative design for a World Exposition to be held in 2038, 3km north of ... Read more

The Northern Hood David Issacs Graduating Project

The Northern Hood does three things for the Melbourne suburb of Northcote: it rescales the idea of t ... Read more

Lucasta Clothier-Fairs

Between the Waters Lucasta Clothier-Fairs Graduating Project

In a policy environment based on intractable conflict between conservation and irrigation within the ... Read more

Museum of Science Fiction: Cinematic Affects Michael Ferreyra Graduating Project

‚ÄėMuseum of Science fiction and cinematic affects‚Äô explores the possibilities of realising a spec ... Read more

Daniel Whelan

Cossack Mining Town Daniel Whelan Graduating Project

The recent mining boom & the culture it has given rise to has been the cause of a number of issu ... Read more

Floating Cities Alan Lau Te Hong Graduating Project

The floating city is a temporary mobile float-in communal facility to help facilitate suburbs along ... Read more

Lisa Mee

Just Flinders Lise Mee Graduating Project

Just Flinders is a title used both ambiguously and serendipitously. The word just has several meani ... Read more

The Speculative Harbour Project Georgina Karavasil Graduating Project

How can we experiment and explore new ways in which processed based architecture can allow us to cre ... Read more

Bernadette Zajd

Art and the Tower Bernadette Zajd Graduating Project

The new VCA art school invites the city into the campus and allows the art to spill over into the st ... Read more

Thomas Stanistreet

Necro-shed Thomas Stanistreet Graduating Project

Necro-Shed - Palliation + Mnemonics and Workshop Vigano (Memorialisation was once limited to the eli ... Read more

Jessica Chidester

[re]activating pivotal moments… Jessica Chidester Graduating Project

This project investigates 'Strategies & Criteria; Toward a Difficult Whole'…..Through three SC ... Read more

The Fourth Arm Mark Lane Graduating Project

The principles of democracy remain as thickly coated as ever behind the inane soap operas of Austral ... Read more

The School of Objects at RMIT University Katherine Brice Graduating Project

This project is for the newly formed School of Objects at RMIT. From 2012 the RMIT School of Art wil ... Read more

Victoria Farmer’s Hall of Fame and an Indigenous Harvest Pavilion Jo-Han Seah Graduating Project

This project speaks of honoring the farmer and agricultural groups, paying tribute to Australia’s ... Read more

Backyard Shinanigans Adrian Rivalland Graduating Project

This project for the redevelopment of Silverton Primary investigates a communal backyard, a space th ... Read more

The Black Diamond Brett Wittingslow Graduating Project

The township of Korumburra, located in southeast Victoria, is an endeavour by its people. Dating fro ... Read more