Tom Kovac

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Tom Kovac


As part of the Venice Biennale 2018, RMIT Architecture Professor Tom Kovac has curated a series of p ... Read more


The 100YC (Year City) project sets out to design an architectural future by envisaging ‘Accessible ... Read more

Malaysia Biennial 2015

The 100YC (Year City) project sets out to design an architectural future by envisaging ‘Accessible ... Read more

Tom Kovac appointed Artistic Director and Curator of inaugural Malaysia Biennale 2015

RMIT architecture alumni Giana Zulkafli and Don Nazrain were also announced as directors of the even ... Read more

Professor Tom Kovac

Professor of Architecture email: ... Read more

x-tremes Spacelab

The x_tremes studio is interested in exploring x_treme spatiality’s, with focus on new x_treme env ... Read more

2112Ai [Architectural intelligence] 100YC (100 Year City)

Director and curator Tom Kovac and Fleur Watson are currently leading a group of international think ... Read more

Speculative Formation

The RMIT School of Architecture and Design and the Design Research Institute invite you to a symposi ... Read more

Alessi Mutants

The Alessi MUTANTS program is a 4-week intensive postgraduate course in emergent digital directions ... Read more


Nascent Present proposes ways our cities and buildings may be other. The Advanced Architecture Polar ... Read more

Beyond Media Exhibition

Spots on School Exhibition Curator: Paola Giaconia in Visions: Beyond Media Festival for Architect ... Read more


EXTREME Questions EXTREME Solutions EXTREME Architecture The EXTREMES Studio deals with the not ... Read more

BIAC3: International Contemporary Art Biennale Seville 2008

Curator and artistic director: Peter Weibel RMIT Exhibitors: Tom Kovac, RMIT Architecture Profes ... Read more

FABHAB 3: Prototypes, Fabrication and Architecture

Digital architecture is now searching for deeper resonances, trajectories and outcomes, with a need ... Read more

Beijing Biennale Schools Exhibition

Emerging Talent, Emerging Technologies: Students Exhibition 2nd International Architecture Biennale ... Read more