Nascent Present proposes ways our cities and buildings may be other. The Advanced Architecture Polarity at RMIT traverses multiple theoretical, material, processual and intentional domains, united by a view of the present as both resilient and plastic, and so subject to a continual re-making.

Diverse practices of emergence, scripting, wet-wares, relational networks, disruptive media, agent systems, borrowed processes, counter-factuals, new material configurations and holistic sustainability all pull on and emblazon architecture’s canonical body.

Propositional and critical by intent, these projects chart the aesthetic risks and ethical commitments at the active, expanding edges of contemporary architecture.

Exhibitors include:

Vivian Mitsogianni, Practice Director: M@ Studio
Paul Minifie, Practice Director: Minifie Nixon
Paul Morgan, Practice Director: Paul Morgan Architects
Mark Burry, RMIT Professor, Director of SIAL
Jane Burry, SIAL Research Fellow
Leanne Zilka, Practice Director: Zilka Studio
James Gardiner, SIAL PhD Candidate
Gretchen Wilkins, RMIT Architecture Lecturer
Pia Ednie-Brown, RMIT Architecture Senior Lecturer
Tom Kovac Practice Director: Kovac Architecture
Greg More, Practice Director: Oom Creative Studio
Sam Rice and Farzin Lotfi-Jam, Practice Directors: Cache
Tim Schork, Practice Director: Mesne
Ed Carter, RMIT Architecture graduate
Andrew Burrow, SIAL Research Fellow