FABHAB 3: Prototypes, Fabrication and Architecture


RMIT Architecture SIAL Upperpool Studio, Sem 1, 2008

Studio leaders: Tom Kovac, RMIT Architecture Prof of Design and Jerome Frumar, RMIT SIAL Phd Candidate

Tags Jerome FrumarTom Kovac

Digital architecture is now searching for deeper resonances, trajectories and outcomes, with a need for infusion of productive thinking and consequential outcomes. Potentials in this area are already visible in the areas of engineering, innovative hybrid materials, digital fabrication and non – standard customisation, as well as innovative strategies for environmentally sustainable responsive and intelligent buildings. This new phase of production still embraces the desire for the speculative and the unpredictable while emphasising greater control over the symbiotic relationship between technique, process, an outcome. fab*hab operates at a scale between industrial object, furniture and building, where the exterior and interior, form and content, are explicitly and inextricably linked. This prototype is a vehicle to unleash outmoded preconceptions as well as conduct research and radical experimentation within this new dimension with a measured balance of rigor and speculation.

Three Phase Studio

» Phase 01
Identifying cutting edge industries, emerging production capabilities and material developments that have the potential to impact architectural thought and deployment

» Phase02
Development of techniques stemming from findings in the research phase with the potential of digital tools and an adherence to an agenda for architecture

» Phase03
Fab_House is conceived and developed as prototype architecture for fabrication and customised production.