Urban Generosity

Bachelor of Architectural Design Studio, 2015


STUDIO LEADERs: Nick Searle, Suzannah Waldron


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URBAN RESORT: From its early origins, St. Kilda was founded for recreation and escape from the grit of the city. It rapidly became known for bohemian behaviour and densely populated rooming houses. The studio will examine the architecture of tourism via the Hotel and will locate the moment of the short stay in the cannon of accommodation; Questioning the consumption of the icon and its urban placement.

TRANSITORY COLLECTIVE: The studio will research and experiment with transitory activities and collective spaces. Design explorations would look at conditions of shared space with overlapping public and private uses. Investigating particular specificity and contrast a heterogeneous community against the back drop of voyeuristic development.

ACROSS SCALES: Design strategies will be tested and developed across scales. The studio will analyse and engage with a site masterplan and zoom into designing medium scale programs embedded into the site context. Initial massing strategies will lead into exploring and resolving smaller scale relationships.

MAPPING IDENTITY: Students will demonstrate understanding of the urban relationships via heritage, economic and sociological phenomena by documenting the built fabric using photos, maps and drawings to capture the specific identity of place.