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RMIT Architecture & Urban Design – Design Studio Pre-Ballot Event


End of Semester Exhibition

PLEASE SAVE THE DATE!  This semester the RMIT Architecture and Urban Design End of Semester E ... Read more


The studio is prefaced by the phrase ‘no homo’. The term relieves an accused of any suggestion o ... Read more


This studio concerns itself with an architecture that has its genesis in a distortion, or absurdit ... Read more


“A swim in the pool is a complex and curious activity, one that oscillates between joy and fear, ... Read more


REMNISCENT will explore the complex junctions in Melbourne’s urban fabric through the research an ... Read more


This studio will explore the changing role of and emergence of next generation airports, airport ar ... Read more


The studio will focus on the ways that children interact with space; how spaces impact, limit or fa ... Read more

Last Resort

URBAN RESORT: From its early origins, St. Kilda was founded for recreation and escape from the grit ... Read more

Ephemeral Architecture

Ephemeral Architecture privileges the life of a work over its formal appearance. To invite time into ... Read more

The Lakes Project

Beeac is a town in the Western District of Victoria. The town is located on the shore of the hypers ... Read more


This studio will engage in entrepreneurial architecture. Architecture of start‐ups and innovati ... Read more

Cut & Fill

A key component of successive Victorian Governments’ Transport Policy is the removal of the most d ... Read more


Antifragile is a speculative design studio concerned with the relationship between computational m ... Read more

Concrete Trajectories

This studio will ask students to take a deep analysis of concrete - its material properties, work ... Read more


Architecture clothes the culture of the city; architecture prompts the city’s imagination and has ... Read more

Viv, Viv, Vivian!

Viv, Viv, Vivian! Architecture in the Realm of the Unreal considers the paradoxical situating of ‘ ... Read more

Writing Architecture

Architects have used words to describe their buildings since antiquity, both in practical terms of s ... Read more

Subverting Flows

The aim of the studio is to interrogate the political role of architecture through a specific spati ... Read more

Case Study: School

With the number of people living in the inner city and the CBD rapidly growing, the demand for com ... Read more

Chronicle of the World

Chronicle of the World developed, extended and renovated the tip of the North Wharf in Docklands, Me ... Read more


This studio is the first in a series which will explore strategies for addressing densification and ... Read more

Urban Generosity

Architecture clothes the culture of the city; architecture prompts the city’s imagination and has ... Read more

Ephemeral Architectrue

Juhani Pallasmaa has described the encounter with building as an ‘inherent suggestion of action’ ... Read more


The primary area of examination in this studio will be the role and place of ornamentation in the cu ... Read more


433 Collins Street - National Mutual Plaza - is in many respects a refined, yet unremarkable example ... Read more


Tidelands is an investigation into the intersections between advanced architectural practices (gener ... Read more

The New Social Maker

Society is not undergoing radical change since the collapse of the financial markets; it has already ... Read more


“A swim in the pool is a complex and curious activity, one that oscillates between joy and fear, b ... Read more


Seam will explore the complex junctions in Melbourne’s built fabric through the research and mappi ... Read more

The Garden of Forking Paths

The studio raises a number of questions concerning the nature of digital design. Generative and algo ... Read more

TOURING- (A )The Great(er) Ocean Road

Successive Victorian governments have attempted to invest up to $1,000m AUD on infrastructure and as ... Read more

Esteban Montecinos

Exposed Ground

site is a collection of scales, programmes, actors, and ecologies that includes past imprints as wel ... Read more

Iconic Urban Ecologies

Studio Proposition: Fisherman’s Bend can evolve as a new 21c metropolis where initial development ... Read more

Tower of Muscles

This studio revisted  Lyons’ 1997 un-built proposal for the design for an RMIT sports and recreat ... Read more

Allan Burrows

The Floating World

The population of this city is fundamentally nomadic, commuting in from ‘bedroom’ suburbs to eit ... Read more