Dr Anna Johnson

Senior Lecturer International Student Academic Advisor Asian Urbanism Coordinator Portfolio Coord ... Read more

AUSTRALIAN NETWORK FOR ART + TECHNOLOGY (ANAT) Suzannah Waldron Graduating Project

The AUSTRALIAN NETWORK FOR ART + TECHNOLOGY (ANAT) is an organisation which supports, advocates and ... Read more


CODEX is one of three design streams that make up the First Year Foundation Semester design and com ... Read more

The Beholder’s Share

This studio will begin by looking back at two of the formative periods of western art and architectu ... Read more

City Perilperil

This studio endeavours to be a critique, a celebration, an exaggeration and an observation of what m ... Read more

Practice Research Symposium Asia

The School of Architecture and Design's Practice Research Symposium in Asia was held in Ho Chi Minh ... Read more

RMIT Architecture Staff, Adjunct Professors and Alumni featured prominently in the 2014 Victorian Architecture Awards

RMIT Architecture Staff (continuing and sessional), Adjunct Professors and Alumni featured prominent ... Read more

Last Resort

URBAN RESORT: From its early origins, St. Kilda was founded for recreation and escape from the grit ... Read more

Concrete Trajectories

This studio will ask students to take a deep analysis of concrete - its material properties, work ... Read more

Searle x Waldron Architects

Searle And Waldron approach is to make projects with equal parts intuition and reason, developing a ... Read more

In Search of A Suburban Domain Nicholas Stathopoulos Graduating Project

In Search of a Suburban Domain is a hypothesis on an evolving social crisis in Melbourne’s middle ... Read more

Jack’s Magazine

Public Works Jack’s Magazine is the largest gunpowder magazine ever built in Victoria. Twin blu ... Read more

The Northern Hood David Issacs Graduating Project

The Northern Hood does three things for the Melbourne suburb of Northcote: it rescales the idea of t ... Read more

The Pink Book: By Practice, By Invitation Design Practice Research at RMIT

Design Practice Research at RMIT is a longstanding program of research into what venturous designers ... Read more

Rembrandt’s: 9 Installations

9 Artists and Architects interrogate a faux, French 19th Century function centre named after the 17t ... Read more