Eva Prats

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Inclusive City

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Thought By Hand

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Sala Beckett

The project occupies a former worker's club "Pau i Justícia", a deeply rooted space in the memory o ... Read more

Fabra & Coats Gardens

This is a commission by the Municipality of Barcelona, in order to design some of the vacant plots i ... Read more

111 Building for Social Housing

The Building 111 is a Social Housing project at the edge of Barcelona city. This project proposes no ... Read more

Nicaragua Square

The Nicaragua square is at the end of a pedestrian street, a Rambla. In continuity with this walk th ... Read more

Mills Museum and Surrounding Public Spaces

The Jonquet is an old sailor’s neighbourhood in the city of Palma. The XVII century flour windmill ... Read more

Meeting at the Building

In 2013, the School of Architecture of the Royal Danish Academy, invited our studio to organize an e ... Read more

Casal Balaguer Cultural Centre

Casal Balaguer is a palace in the historic center of Palma, a flood over the centuries family home, ... Read more

Pius XII Square

The project eliminates a street that used to cross right in front of the collective housing building ... Read more

Sun Shades for Microsoft Milan

This pergola and the landscape design around them are an attempt to search an establish connections ... Read more

YUTE’S Textile Warehouse

The YUTE’S project is an extension of an existing textile warehouse, in an industrial zone close t ... Read more

Professor Eva Prats

Professor of Architecture (Urbanism) [Based in Barcelona] Practice Director: Flores & Prats Ar ... Read more