Boom Town for the Wild Dog

Graduating Project: Alexander Hunt

Supervisor:Peter Brew

Tags Antonia Bruns Memorial PrizefordPeter BrewSimone Kochwarragul

The  project employs the cinematic  mis en abyme  to consider the relationship of architecture with itself,  the current and present conditions  for the town of Warragul acts as a subject to explore and posit the architecture of architecture

What is presented is a view from the loading dock to the towns  architecture  from here we are able to see the workings of the town, the codes procedures and conditions instructions that allows for the towns  architecture to appear .  Alex proposition is that there is also  an architecture of architecture

As  Louis Althusser’s renowned short text ‘Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses’ radically transformed the concept of the subject the state and even the frameworks of cultural, political and literary theory the project  proposes a radical breach of disciplinary thresholds