Urban Generosity

Bachelor of Architectural Design Studio, 2014


STUDIO LEADER: Enza Angelucci


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Architecture clothes the culture of the city; architecture prompts the city’s imagination and has a profound impact on civic amenity. The proliferation of human activity in our cities has given rise to the nature of cities as a place of exchange and surplus, a place of urban generosity.

This studio will commence through the observations of the local, to define the architectural nature of the place in which the architectural outcome is to be housed. Through a series of group and individual esquisses the studio will become a process of discovery in how architecture can extend beyond an object/place paradigm, into a place of civic surplus.

The studio will concentrate on three specific architectural design strategies: the edge condition, porosity and ‘nature correctednesss’ to design a medium density housing proposal located in the inner city suburb of North Fitzoy.