Tower of Muscles

Bachelor of Architectural Design Studio

Studio Leaders: Christine Phillips, Stasinos Mantzis

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This studio revisted  Lyons’ 1997 un-built proposal for the design for an RMIT sports and recreation centre on A’Beckett Street, Melbourne. In its new form, it is a combined initiative between the City of Melbourne and RMIT to provide both RMIT students as well as the general public with sports and leisure amenities, currently not well serviced in this area.

This included a variety of sports and recreational facilities including basketball and netball courts along with athletic facilities and swimming pool. Additionally, the studio examined ways to provide public green areas within the tower.

The mega sports building type is prevalent within our suburbs, usually sprawling itself horizontally, but not so common within our denser urban areas. How can the large horizontal suburban sports building type be adapted to suit a tight city site? How can this also provide public green spaces for this city?