Bachelor of Architectural Design Studio, 2015

STUDIO LEADERs: Helen Duong, Patrick Macasaet

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This studio is a workshop of strategies and techniques for architectural production culminating in the design of a speculative hybrid public library. the studio aims to simultaneously expose students to two design methodologies to produce a ‘toolbox’ of strategies, techniques and ideas through rigorous site investigations and process-based experiments to inform your propositions and formulate a critical position. The studio will attempt to develop speculative proposals for the contemporary public library focusing on the design of; form, spatial arrangements and landscape.

Footscray is at once a banal inner city suburb with a rich eclectic and culturally specific use of space and appropriation. It will be a fertile testing ground for seeking out both “found” phenomena and ordinary typologies in order to amplify them through rule based processes. The studio aims to create innovative proposals that supersize, exaggerate and heighten these normal qualities.