9 Artists and Architects interrogate a faux, French 19th Century function centre named after the 17th Century Dutch painter and built in 1970’s Melbourne suburbia.

Featuring: Antarctica; Jillian Allan; Greg Creek; Herbert + Mason; Sean Loughery; Sally Mannall; Sanne Mestrom; Vin Ryan; Workshop Architecture

This is a joint public art and urban architecture project between RMIT Architecture, RMIT Fine Art/Public Art, sponsored by our project partners:
RMIT Design Research Institute – Urban Liveability
Knox City Council, City Development and Cultural Services
Victorian State Government, Department of Planning and Community and Development
Rembrandt’s Entertainment Centre, owners

Installation Designer/Curator: Simon Whibley,
RMIT Architecture Lecturer, Practice: Antartica

Antarctica’s installation was based on a tablecloth in the pristine Gainsborough Room. This diamond-shaped cloth has been reinterpreted in gleaming white 6mm MDF and inserted out of context and out of scale in the main kitchen, removing the function from the utilitarian room.