Workshop Coordinator: Hitoshi Abe, Sendai, Japan, Practice: Atelier Hitoshi Abe


Paul Minifie & Jan van Schaik – RMIT Architecture
RMIT Architecture Upperpool Design Studio Students

Sendai, Japan, 2005

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Project Description

This international travelling upperpool design studio incorporates a regional sustainable urban development design workshop held in Sendai, Japan involving students and staff from RMIT Architecture and partner institutions in France and Japan.

The urban workshop title “Innocent City” refers to the an area of Sendai, Japan that has only ever held a singular function as a warehouse district. The brief is to develop strategies for introducing a selective range of new urban activities into this area through residential, retail, entertainment and recreation facilities while contending with the infrastructural character of the fabric.

The outcomes of this workshop will be published in a forthcoming book.

Workshop contributors:

N+B Architects, Montpellier
L’Ecole d’architecture longuedoc Rousillon Montpellier
Migayi University Sendai
Tohoku University Sendai
Atelier Hitoshi Abe
Tohoku University of Technology Sendai