Bachelor of Architectural Design Studio, 2015


STUDIO LEADERs: chris gilbert, jas johnston


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This studio will engage in entrepreneurial architecture.

Architecture of start‐ups and innovative business practices.

Architecture that strives for excellence through the pursuit of profit.

Architecture where investment in design contributes to return as well as the aesthetic environment.

This studio will leverage the social and political momentum behind “reduce, re‐use, recycle” to investigate commercial possibilities for structural, industrial and spatial by‐products.

The environmental incentive for reusing these by‐products has established cultural support. This studio will leverage this towards an entrepreneurial architecture that takes advantage of political, commercial, economic and industrial by‐products in search of profit through design excellence. To do this students will investigate and harness the fundamental skills of our profession; technology, politics, real estate, economics, product design, construction management and marketing.

Students will research the structure, processes and work of firms such as SHoP, OMA, Herzog & de Meuron and Atelier Bow Wow. Students will investigate how fields such as psychology, management, evolutionary biology, anthropology, physics and economics can inform architectural processes, systems and products.