Bachelor of Architectural Design – Design Studio, Semester 1, 2018

STUDIO LEADERS: Mel Iraheta & Caitlyfrpa Rry

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The studio will explore the expressive, theatrical and dramaturgical relationship between architecture, scenography, textiles and the body through advanced digital techniques to generate spatial environments in the form of 1:1 or}mall scale entresorts – “a space where one enters [entrer] one world  and exists [sortir] another.”
The focus of the studio will be on interrogating the agency and broadening the understanding of architecture through cross-disciplinary research. The studio will interrogate the tangle of influence and link between architecture, set design, performance and event and question whether unfamiliar architecture can emerge from a process-driven methodology of exchange. We will be working with dance practitioners as part of the generative process to undertake this research idea.
The studio is interested in the emergence of environments and narrative threads through the use of digital tools to explore the idea and discourse around craft and atmosphere. We envisage a process where students are provided with scripting and modelling tools such as Grasshopper, Maya and Zbrush. Students will engage in data manipulation (e.g. motion interpriita_tion) and feedback between their tools of manipulation to generate spatial implications and diverse objects of architectural potential.
Content from this studio will be collated into a filmic process/research piece and a proposal for three spaces within the ACCA site.