RMIT Design Hub Pavilion 4 (100.10.006)

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Lecture: Housing – Affordability – Prof. Ralph Horne

DATE: Wednesday 9 August 2017
TIME: 11:00AM-12:00PM
Pavilion 4 (100.10.006)
Building 100, Cnr Victoria and Swanston Streets Carlton

Prof Ralph Horne will deliver a talk on Housing – Affordability. Ralph Horne has research expertise in urban social and policy change for sustainable design and development. He has extensive experience in environmental techniques and sustainability appraisal and has a specific research interest in low carbon urban transitions. He combines research leadership and participation in projects concerning the environmental, social and policy context of production and consumption in the urban environment.

Ralph Horne is the Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation for the College of Design and Social Context at RMIT University, supporting research performance and providing strategic leadership. He is also Director of the Cities Programme, the urban arm of the United Nations Global Compact, and supervises and conducts research projects in urban and social change.

This lecture is organised as part of Volume, Masters Architecture Studio led by Ian Nazareth with Prof. Martyn Hook.

Volume is an industry – partnered studio with Porter Davis that interrogates the agency of the architect in the general housing industry. It is a call to disrupt the status quo through innovative ideas and narratives for homes, designed through the use of new technologies, homes that are more responsive to its users and environment.

RMIT University have partnered with Porter Davis – one of the largest home builders in Australia. Porter Davis construct over 1500 homes annually, offering over a hundred designs that can be configured and customised. RMIT and Porter Davis will develop new dwelling types that encapsulates sustainability, buildability, integrates building services and structure while speculating about the future of housing.