Sandra Manninger ‘Sensible Bodies’ Lecture




We hope you can join us for a public lecture by Sandra Manninger, from Span Del Campo Manninger Architects.

Sandra Manninger is a registered architect, teacher, and researcher. She is principal of SPAN del Campo Manninger Architects, a company she founded together with Matias del Campo. The focus of the practice with offices in Detroit and Shanghai lies on the integration of advanced design and building techniques that folds nature, culture, and technology into a design ecology.

SPAN del Campo Manninger, the architects of the Austrian Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010, is constructing an epistemological framework from practice and procedures that is based on the newly acquired knowledge that we increasingly explore through science and technology. The result does not come from a formal effort, but rather as a consequence of a union of evolutionary attempts based on very rigid design procedures. These involve a software approach that goes beyond the tool itself, leaving space for a true ecology of digital thinking: an achievement that dispels techno-enthusiasm and opens the door to something that might really become a certainty in the future. What we can expect is an environment where affection, obsession, opulence and romanticism are the outputs of an advanced system that puts together biological behavior, environmental pressures and rigid procedures of computational design. SPAN del Campo Manninger’s research highlights how to go beyond beautiful data to discover something that could be defined voluptuous data. This coagulation of numbers, algorithms, procedures and programs uses the forces of thriving nature and, passing through the calculation of a multi-core processor, knits them with human desire. Sabina Barcucci, digimag 64

Sandra Manninger is at RMIT at the invitation of RMIT Architecture & Urban Design where she is leading a Master of Architecture Design Studio. Students in the studio are exploring design sensibilities and robotic fabrication.

Friday 19th August 2016 at 6:00PM
RMIT Building 80, Level 7, Lecture Theatre (80.07.01)
Swanston Academic Building, 445 Swanston St, Melbourne