Farm HD Symposium – Melbourne


RMIT Design Hub, Level 10 Long Room

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Join us this week for a symposium and panel discussion exploring urban farming in high density environments.

WHEN: Thursday 10th August 1pm-6pm
WHERE: RMIT Design Hub Level 10 Longroom

The FARMHD event is part of a broader research project investigating the future of vertical farming and food production in our cities, what would need to shift in cities in order to make urban farming in high density environments a realistic proposition, and where the future opportunities for design in urban agriculture might lie.

Vertical farming in our cities is at present not financially viable. While advances in high intensity consolidated farming processes have greatly increased yields, they have not achieved a level that would allow farming programs to realistically compete with the commercial market on a financial basis.

Cities such as Hong Kong have witnessed the explosion in high rise and super-dense environments, and have experimented with vertical living and commerce for decades. At the same time Australia is a major exporter of high quality fresh produce, with a strong track record of research and innovation in agriculture. The dialogue between Australian and Chinese approaches to this pressing issue of food security, local food accessibility and practical architectural approaches for high-density agriculture have yielded new insights and industry collaborations in this field.
The project will gather experts and designers to speculate on these questions, and to propose new ideas.

The FARM HIGH DENSITY project aims to continue and deepen the conversation about farms in our future cities.


John Doyle (RMIT)
Graham Crist (RMIT Vietnam)
Thomas Chung (CUHK)
Tony Bundock (Powerplants Australia)
Paul Minifie (RMIT)
ZAA Architects
Sasaki Associates
Mark Jacques (RMIT / Openwork)
Juliette Anich
Mauro Baracco (RMIT)

The project is supported by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia China Council, and the RMIT Enabling Capability Platforms.

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