END OF SEMESTER CRITS for RMIT Master of Architecture Design Studios.


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END OF SEMESTER CRITS for the RMIT Master of Architecture Design Studios.
Best Wishes to all our students! Looking forward to seeing your projects and propositions!
The Architecture end-of-semester crits are formal assessments of work developed over the course of a semester. Students are encouraged to attend a range of crits in order to develop a familiarity with the range of projects undertaken in the design stream and to encourage discussion around the ideas and propositions presented. Please see links for schedule of times and locations for the end-of-semester crits.
Please note that although an open-door policy operates for studio crits, we remind you that these sessions are examinations & ask that all students and guests behave accordingly.
For all crits being held off site, please make sure you confirm with the studio leaders before attending. For crits held online, please contact individual design studio leaders for online access via their RMIT email address (firstname.lastname@rmit.edu.au)
Link below for the End of Semester poster: