Affirmative Architecture Symposium Sydney

November 8, 2013

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Affirmative Architecture is a two-day symposium that seeks to define an emergent trend amongst young architects to re-engage with the ability of architecture to make life better. The symposium draws together international and Australian architects and landscape architects who have demonstrated commitment to a social agenda and have made significant contribution to the public realm. Curated as a series of interactive lectures and panel discussions the speakers will describe their predominately built work and real projects that address real problems.

Arguably these young practitioners are revising the Modernist ethos that architecture should provide effective solutions that benefit the community and the individual. In a contemporary context their work deals with positive consideration of social engagement, careful analysis of existing conditions and a deliberate, often challenging architectural response.

Organised in terms of thematic engagement the symposium shall explore projects that expand the potential of architectural intervention in the city, the suburbs, the urban fringe, rural towns and remote locations.

2013 Speakers:
Neeson Murcutt, Tribe Studio, Lacoste Stevenson, Owen and Vokes and Peters, Andrew Burns, Durbach Block Jaggers, M3 Architecture, Pendal and Neille, Searle X Waldron, iredale pedersen hook, NMBW, MAS-Diego Ramirez-Lovering, Officer Woods, Anton James

2013 Moderators:
Martyn Hook, David Neustien, Lee Stickles, Cameron Bruhn, Peter Salhani