Sophie Patitsas (MUD-Chair)


Sophie Patitsas
MUD Program Advisory Committee Chair
Architecture Program Advisory Committee
Principal Adviser – Office of the Victorian Government Architect

Sophie Patitsas has been advocating and advising on urban design and architecture within government and the private sector for over twenty years. Her leadership and collaboration across all levels of government and with the private sector is focused on building capability and fostering a strong design culture that supports the development of high quality and innovative policy, procurement and project delivery solutions that enhance our experience of the city.

Sophie’s most recent role for the Office of the Victorian Government Architect has been to lead, advocate and drive for a whole-of-government approach in the planning, procurement and delivery of high quality design outcomes across Victoria’s Major Transport Infrastructure Program including the Level Crossing Removal Project, Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project and the West Gate Tunnel Project.

Sophie has practised urban design and architecture both locally and overseas. She is a member of the Victorian Design Review Panel; regularly chairs and serves on urban design advisory and evaluation panels as well as selection and competition panels; and contributes to architectural journals and publications. Sophie is a also a passionate mentor and advocate for design excellence in education and has taught and participated in urban design and architecture studio critique sessions at both undergraduate and post graduate levels at the University of Melbourne and RMIT University.