Master of Architecture Design Studio, 2014

STUDIO LEADERS: Peter Brew, Simone Koch


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PROJECT – FORD WIDGET*FACTORY BROADMEADOWS* Widget (economics), a placeholder name for a manufactured device The announcement that FORD will cease operations at its Broadmeadows site in 2015 was seen as further sign of the long term trend in the demise of local manufacturing in the global market. – Arguably Australia’s high input cost makes us “non competitive” against the new world ‘ Emerging” economies. We are interested in the flip side of this, which is to identify and accommodate on the soon to be vacant Broadmeadows site with the new and emerging industries that are driving those input costs .- This can be assumed to be WIDGETS that is to say something that is as yet unknown and will become the basis for some speculation throughout the semester.

Note :This is the Third of Three studios on this site. Over the last two studios we have been inspired by the possibility, presented by the students that the architectural project necessarily imagines its own context. And that in recognising this the rational process of planning is made obsolete. Our quest this semester is find the extent ( if there is one) that the architectural project could be master plan.



Students will be provided to propose project for the entire site at the following scales

1: 100,000 (metropolitan)

Review and make proposal for the renewal of existing urban context infrastructure and environment

( ie Metropolitan context)

1: 10,000 ( ie District/ Neighbourhood context)

1: 1,000 (Site context)

Review and make proposal for the Subdivision and renewal of existing infrastructure and environment

The studio assumes that a range of new industries will come to occupy the vacant factory following SITE MASTER PLAN and we will be designing a new neighbourhood precinct to support those industries

1:100 (building)