Master of Architecture Design Studio, 2015

STUDIO LEADERs: monique woodward, simon linardi


Tags BioMasters Design StudioMonique Brady wardSimon Linardi

This studio will introduce students to master planning a community scale project, design a decent car park, learn about growing vegetables & gardens in urban environments, designing community buildings such as childcare, places of worship, public / student / aged / private housing & considering how architecture / urban design / landscape can contribute to social / cultural well-being

The old Turkish lady from level 16, in the Carlton housing flats has rallied together the local residents living in the public housing. She has been asked to remove her chickens from the purpose built coup, under her kitchen sink & the goat she has been keeping in her spare bedroom. “It’s time for us to come together & give people an idea about the things we value & the opportunity we would like to have as Australia’s future. She has brought together: the Carlton Primary School / the local Church Parish / alcoholics anonymous, the groundskeepers, the university housing students, the elderly & private residents living in the new poorly designed housing & the other residents and children that live in the public housing towers. “It’s time that the smugness of the privileged Australian community gets to see how living collectively on a community scale could do them more than a few favours.”