[re]activating pivotal moments…

Graduating Project: Jessica Chidester

Supervisor: Brent Allpress

Antonia Bruns Memorial Prize

Leon van Schaik Medal

Winner 2014 Colorbond Steel Student Biennale

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This project investigates ‘Strategies & Criteria; Toward a Difficult Whole’…..Through three SCALES – ACTIVATING a forgotten part of Melbournes CBD. URBAN; To treat the SITE as a PIVOT MOMENT – CONNECTING the CBD to the Docklands through the SITE. (via the extension of the north wharf promenade and bridge proposal passing under the Wurundjeri Way).

ARCHITECTURALLY; Through a set of semi-autonomous systems and curated relationships between; EXISTING STRUCTURES v’s NEW ARCHITECTURE, HINGE MOMENTS, VERTICAL v’s HORIZONTAL VOLUMES, MATERIAL & SPATIAL EXPERIENCES creating connections, meeting and gathering moments, disjunctions, spatial conflicts, interference and correlation, circulation, solid void relationships and imposed and incidentally small scale relationships.

COMMUNITY; To extend the Mission to Seafarers – MISSION – by giving back to and involving the local community of the Docklands through creating a civic space with programmatic infrastructure that will lend itself to and help sustain the Docklands and surrounding communities through diverse scales of activity. ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’ – Aristotle.