Nicaragua Square

Flores & Prats Archs, Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats

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The Nicaragua square is at the end of a pedestrian street, a Rambla. In continuity with this walk there is the square and at the other end there is a sport field area with a public park. The aim of this project is to connect these two boundaries: the Nicaragua square becomes the space in between the Rambla and the sports area, and it is defined in relation to these two extremes.

The presence of a primary school in one of the corners of the piazza makes it work as an enlargement of the school playground, when classes are over. There is a mountain of colours waiting for the kids when they go out of classes, offering multiple places to play and slide. At the same time, this mountain is a visual reclaim for the people approaching the square from the pedestrian street.

Image Credits:  Àlex García