Mills Museum and Surrounding Public Spaces

Flores & Prats Archs, Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats

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The Jonquet is an old sailor’s neighbourhood in the city of Palma. The XVII century flour windmill is turned into an exhibition centre over the history of the mills of Majorca, and at the same time, it is a place of encounter for those interested in research on this theme.

The public space in front of the building’s main entrance has been organized as a square, and an old water depot has been transformed into a bar and tickets office. This public space ends the promenade along the Jonquet’s cornice, at Palma Bay.

The accessible roof terrace of the building offers a second public square. The scale and dimensions of these two places are in relation to those of the neighbourhood.

The museum itself looks for the maximum development of the plan. Working with the diverse existing holes, former windows, doors and chimneys, the project works in shaping the different light entrances and shelves for exhibiting objects.

First Prize in Public Competition and commissioning to develop the project.

Mallorca Architecture Award 2002-2003, From the College of Architects of the Balearic Islands (COAIB).

Project selected for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture Mies van der Rohe-Award 2005.

Finalist in the IV Biennial Iberoamericana de Lima (Peru), October 2004.