Meeting at the Building

Flores & Prats at the Royal Academy of Copenhagen

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In 2013, the School of Architecture of the Royal Danish Academy, invited our studio to organize an exhibition at the Smedie Hall, an old and huge casting workshop in the middle of the Campus.

This event was as an opportunity to discuss on collective housing design and its capacity to generate a community among its inhabitants. Nowadays the global trend of the society is that people tend to isolate themselves more and more and they don’t relate to one another. We strongly believe that our duty as architects is to try to reverse this trend by encouraging people to socialise as a community, taking advantage of the positive exchanges that this involves. Our Building 111 has this principle as a goal, creating a framework for these situations to happen.

The exhibition happens to be an opportunity to combine the work produced when designing Building 111 and some of the post-occupancy documentation, with the work resulting from the student’s workshop. The case study for the workshop was organized by travelling to two different cities, Barcelona and Copenhagen, and visiting different examples of collective housing throughout 100 years.

Image Credits: Àlex García