Lunacy and the Arrangements of Books

Master of Architecture Design Studio, 2013


Studio leaders: Michael Spooner & Peter Knight


Masters of Architecture Studio Award for Excellence: Vera Raquel dos Santos



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Lunacy and the Arrangement of Books derived its title from a small publication which explores the various methods of arranging books according to principles of colour, size, number, aesthetics and subject order. The essay within examined the various lunatic solutions to this problem, and in doing so enquired after the implication of an unending number of possible arrangements that conceptually extend beyond the habitual. This Masters of Architecture design studio tested the dimensions of an architecture that can exceed our habitual approaches on a triangular site in the Melbourne suburb of North Fitzroy.

This studio developed the potential of the North Fitzroy Library and Community Centre, a real architectural proposal destined for the site. This was an urban project, medium scaled with a focus on detailed architectural outcome. Hence there was an emphasis on how to unfold design research from the intimacy of the detail outwards; encouraging new & old approaches to composition and foregrounding the potential of the image – cinematic, architectural or otherwise – as a compositional device.