Fabra & Coats Gardens

Preliminary Design: Eva Prats, M. Jose Duch

Flores & Prats Archs, Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats

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This is a commission by the Municipality of Barcelona, in order to design some of the vacant plots in the city as equipments and green areas.

In this case a vacant plot, part of a larger major industrial complex, had to become a garden. There is still industrial activity around it.

The site has already some qualities to become a garden: it is surrounded by a wall, it is lower than street level, quiet, and there are two big and old industrial buildings that close the place even more. These give to the place the character of a private garden belonging to these huge buildings that, with our time distance, can be seen as two palaces.

Then, the project is planned as a private palace garden, which had become public after years… We then took a program from some baroque romantic gardens: Labyrinth, Pergola, Cottage and Outlook.