Casal Balaguer Cultural Centre

Flores & Prats Archs, Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats with Francisco Pizà and Ma. José Duch (Duch-Pizà Archs, Mallorca)

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Casal Balaguer is a palace in the historic center of Palma, a flood over the centuries family home, starting in 1300, then in 1500 and finally in 1700, which now loses its household to be a public building, a cultural center for the entire city.

Circulation along the building will be orientated by the entrance of natural light, provided by a series of new skylights. The boundaries between the different periods can be read in its fragmentary geometry. The new light wells are introduced producing some gaps between one period and the other, they will provide natural light to some of the actual inner dark parts of the palace, making more clear the connection between parts of the history of the building.