Bachelor of Architectural Design

First Year Foundation Semester

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ATLAS is one of three design streams that make up the First Year Foundation Semester design and communication course.

An atlas is conceived through the collection and curation of our thoughts and actions, and provides the basis for our ability to attune our thinking and doing to a deeper understanding of the world.

An atlas may find representation in the round, stretched across a page, or is realised as we leap virtually from one great distance to another. An atlas is never fixed but is always the constant reassessment of relations and the commingling of our concrete reality with the provisionality of our being.

The rhetorical claim to the atlas in this studio has been with the intention to advocate for the plurality of architectures that differentiate the professional application of architecture in the world.

The studio will realise an artist workshop and residence on a block of land adjacent to the existing Lyon Housemuseum.

The studio will initiate the doing and thinking of architecture that promote improvised outcomes through the consideration of contingent alignments between artistic, literary, cinematic, philosophical and architectural precedents.

The studio attempts to inculcate an approach, one that advances a personal comprehension of the world and which can infer a model of creative enterprise with the intention of shifting the appreciation of architecture beyond
the habitual.

2018 Teaching Team: Dr Michael Spooner (stream leader), Jesse Thomas, Fiona Plaisted, Philip Chang, Oliver Alessandrini & Emily Davies.

2017 Teaching Team: Dr Michael Spooner (stream leader), Darius Le, Christina Bozsan, Alexandra Hore, Jean-Marie Spencer & Zul Rahaman.

2016 Teaching Team: Dr Michael Spooner (stream leader), Jack May, Christina Bozsan, Alexandra Hore, Jean-Marie Spencer & Stephen Hawken.

2015 Teaching Team: Dr Michael Spooner (stream leader), Kristin Green, Jean-Paul Rollo, Sarah Merican, Simon Linardi, Bahman Andalib, JoHan Sean & Nic Agius